The best spoofer for PokémonGO



iSpoofer supports Teleportation, So you can teleport anywhere in the world.

Feed Filter

iSpoofer allows you to filter your feeds so you can find Pokémons faster than ever.

Mobile Friendly

iSpoofer is mobile friendly and doesn't lag at all.

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Our Story
iSpoofer App

iSpoofer App was created in 2018, then we had to close it because Niantic, Inc. sued us and won the lawsuit

In 2023 we are starting a new beginning even though most of our team left but some of us are still here and we added some new clients to our team

Our app is still using the old tweak since we didn't have time to make it before 2023 so we are using the old tweaks till we create a new one

iSpoofer VIP

our free option offers more features available than our paid competition. We have a paid option packed full of even more features, you will never want to go anywhere else!




Spoof GPS Location


Speed Settings

IV Previews

Enhanced Throw

Some More ..




Includes All Free features

Fast Catch

Fast Map Load

Auto Feed & Pet Buddy

Block Non Shiny & Hundo

Spawn Booster

Freeze Pokemon

Skip Animations

Shiny Scanner

Virtual Go Plus


1 year no revoke

Many More ..

iSpoofer Features

Feed Filter

iSpoofer allows you to filter your feeds so you can find Pokémons faster than ever.


iSpoofer is designed to look awesome on iPhones , iPads and iPods.

Auto Arrangement

iSpoofer removes unwanted items automatically from your inventory.


iSpoofer has tons of security measuers that protect your account from being banned!


iSpoofer allows you to walk so fast that you can travel within seconds.


iSpoofer allows you to block non shiny pokémons so you don't waste your space.

Spawn Booster

iSpoofer allows you to see Pokémons that are farther away from you in anyplace!


iSpoofer can change your location so you wouldn't miss any events.

iSpoofer tutorial
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